Sifat nazorat bo’limi

To control the quality of the products of “Makro Farm Andijon” LLC, samples are taken from each batch on the basis of regulatory documents.  Quality control of the selected samples is carried out in microbiological , physical-mechanical and chemical-analytical laboratories. The quality control laboratory is carried out by qualified specialists on the most modern equipment that meets all modern requirements.
The following equipment is used in the quality control laboratory:
For syringe:
  1. pH meter - determines the environment of the syringe.
  2. Measuring projector - Determines the diameter, length, angle of fracture and the sharpness of the syringe needles.
  3. Universal testing equipment - determines the tightness and strength of the syringe needle.
For biologically active additives:
  1. pH meter - the biologist determines the environment of active additives.
  2. Biological refractometer - determines the amount of sugar in biologically active additives.
  3. Laboratory chemical-analytical equipment.
The sterilization process of syringes and surgical gowns for single use is controlled through special blisters.
Blisters are placed in a sterilization chamber with food. After sterilization, a special blister changes color from green to red. This way, you can find out if the sterilization process was successful.
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