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With health, a wonderful life!
Welcome to the official website of many profile company “Makro Farm Andijan” !
The activity of our company is based on trust, respect for partners and customers, to share health and beauty with the population of our country.
The purpose of our website is to provide customers and partners with information about our company, our current and future plans, as well as the provision of online services for your convenience.
We are striving for new opportunities, we are just looking forward to new opportunities and will not stop there.
The experienced employees of Makro Farm Andijan are always at your service, and we are always happy to help you.
We wish all our compatriots peace and quiet, family peace, good luck, health and beauty
 General manager “Makro Farm Andijan”
Makro Farm Andijan offers BAA (biologically active additives), disposable sterile syringes and disposable sterile medical gowns of its production to the residents of our country and we invite foreign partners to cooperate. 9 Various types of biologically active additives (BAA) are made from natural medicinal herbs and packaged in special containers.
Disposable sterile syringe products are made from high quality raw materials and needles from stainless steel.
Sterile disposable   gowns are made of non-woven material in special room conditions.
The products manufactured by “Makro Farm Andijan” are manufactured using the most modern technologies, with strict quality control and observance of sanitary and hygienic requirements. The control of the production process is carried out by the internal laboratory of the QCD (Quality Control Department) using the latest technologies that can meet all modern requirements with qualified personnel.
The pharmacy chain MF is one of the largest private network pharmacies in Andijan region, which cares about the health of our compatriots and provides the population with medicines, as well as goods for beauty and health.
MFA MedTech can offer you various medical furniture and medical equipment, such as dental, surgical, cosmetology, laboratory, physiotherapeutic, otolaryngological, ophthalmic, rehabilitation and resuscitation. We also have non-standard medical devices and medical furniture for patient care.
A wide range of affordable products offered by pharmacies MF and MFA MedTehnika, have all certificates of quality compliance. Qualified staff is here to help you with their helpful advices.
“Makro Farm Andijan” is also engaged in the wholesale of medicines. You can buy more than 7000 medicines at the lowest prices. Makro Farm Andijan also delivers its clients' medicines. You can make payments in any way convenient for you.
In our diagnostic and wellness center called Med City, you can use the services of a number of qualified doctors and beautician, modern equipment, physiotherapy and more than 200 tests in our laboratory, as well as an intensive care unit that are equipped with everything necessary for seriously ill patients. Also, for outpatient treatment, there are wards with separate bathrooms and toilets, modern  LСD TVs, multi-functional beds and all other amenities.
How did it happen?
“Makro Farm Andijan” began its activities in 2014 as a pharmacy. In 2015, our pharmacies expanded as a network, and later in 2016, we launched wholesale sales of medicines. In 2017, a workshop for the production of biologically active additives was launched.
 In 2018, “Makro Farm Andijan” opened its own production facility in the former military unit and moved its biologically active additives workshop and, in the same place, opened a disposable sterile syringe and lab coat workshop.

 To date, the company has created 400 jobs. For workers created all the necessary conditions.
Our plans for the future
In the future, it is planned to create additional job places in connection with the expansion of existing workshops and in the second quarter of 2020 to create another 40 by opening a workshop for the production of tablets and capsules for cardiovascular diseases.
Need some advice? (+99895) 203-22-23 by phone or
Send an email to  info@makrofarm.uz