ads Vintage nautical notebook

Vintage nautical notebook

The decorative elements are brass products of good quality, measles with a heart and a steering wheel with flowers. Vintage is now a very fashionable word, meaning any household items of the past, so to speak, an imitation. Notebook elements: leather laces bear little resemblance to leather, but their strength is enough to keep the notebook closed.

Vintage nautical notebook

In the review of the notebook without antique imitation, everything is done in a modern style. The wind rose is embossed. Dimensions: 170x215x25 The notebook came in an ordinary pimpled package, the notebook itself was additionally packed in a cardboard box that took all the blows of life, in general, the notebook came in more or less good condition. I tried to accurately convey the color of the notebook and it seems dark red. Previously, I already reviewed a small notebook, if you are interested in looking at a large notebook, welcome under cat. For clarity, I attached a regular white A4 sheet. 4 colors are available in the store: red, gray, green, brown.

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