ads BIJIA 10×32 monocular (comparison with Vortex Solo)

BIJIA 10×32 monocular (comparison with Vortex Solo)

Small overview of the BIJIA 10 x 32 monocular
Glasses. And should not be cheap.
There is an instruction (for some reason, from binoculars) A little background: BaK-4 is a common type of glass used to make prisms. BaK-4 has a slightly higher refractive index than BK-7. Color: Black Features: Anti-fog,Night Vision,Waterproof Prism System and Material: Roof BAK4 After another sale on JD, I took this monocular to compare.
The case-pouch is soft, comfortable .
The set includes a cleaning cloth, silica gel, and a lot of waste paper It is about 1000 m to the boiler room chimney. Vortex Solo has a larger diameter, which ultimately decides. Material: Optical glass,Rubber Exit pupil diameter: 4.2mm Type: Monoculars
Features: Exit pupil distance: 10mm
The shooting was carried out in the same conditions, don’t kick too hard – just put the smartphone with the camera on eyepiece.

The glass is coated. I will not add photos from the beach for aesthetic reasons.
Vortex Solo, surprisingly, gives a little more magnification
And the Vortex Solo has no distortion.
There is a sticker indicating authenticity Comparison with Vortex Solo 8×36 Waterproof Monocular So to say, "give a chance to Chinese monoculars."
Packed in a compact cardboard box A good monocular should be heavy. Pay attention to the vertical lines (panels) on the BIJIA Objective Lens (mm): 32mm Something like this. Adjustable spiral eyepiece eyecup can transform exit pupil distance and is suitable for people who wear glasses A few photos from the description of the monocular.
Inside the case is a monocular. Conveniently, there is a clip for attaching to a belt (or in a pocket) Amplification Factor: 3186 BaK-4 is more expensive to manufacture, but is preferred because gives a sharper image and a smooth, round exit pupil.
This already gives a decent material for comparison.
Plus, the Vortex Solo has an enlightenment (noticeable in the photo). Field of view: 126m / 1000m
Hull texture.
Now a little test.
Hello everyone! Focus ring, eyepiece adjusts.
It lies comfortably in the hand BIJIA logo Coating Film: Eyepiece coated with double full broadband

BIJIA 10×32 monocular (comparison with Vortex Solo)

And despite the scheme 8×36 versus 10×32 for BIJIA, Vortex gives a larger image magnification.
Decently assembled. What came of it, you can evaluate in the review. Focusing System: Center Focus
The appearance of the monocular BIJIA 10×32
There are anti-slip spikes on the body, there are covers on the glasses
Focus adjustment is carried out by a special ring BIJIA shows quite clearly, except for small optical distortions at the edges
Large eyepiece with a diameter of 32 mm. What can I say…
Similar picture on the Vortex Solo
The front glass is protected by a cover with an elastic band.
Vortex Solo 8×36 is about twice as heavy, made a little better Brand: BIJIA The same Vortex Solo, a budget option (about $100), but it gives a good picture.
Field Angle(degree): 7.16 degree For: Auto racing,Beach,Bird watching,Boating/Yachting,Horse racing ,Hunting,Outdoor activities,Sports,Theater,Travel
At first glance, they are similar

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