ads Ham radio pocket assistant

Ham radio pocket assistant

The label claims that there is DSO203 inside, although DS203 is indicated on the device and in the instructions I chose a model in a black metal case immediately with a set of probes, so as not to look for them separately.
Battery – has already been inserted in the device Instruction Key for disassembly Protective film on the screen The weight of the device is only 120g
At my request, the oscilloscope has been labeled as a hobbytool so that there are no unnecessary questions 🙂
What is an oscilloscope in general and why is it needed, you can read for example here: Sliding power switch All inputs and outputs have MCX connectors Oscilloscope Sent surprisingly quickly – in just 3 weeks by Swiss post 🙂 MiniUSB cable Rag knapsack for it Despite this, it is capable of a lot, especially in mobile applications, on-site work and repairs, in auto diagnostics, etc. Warning – there are a lot of photos and even more technical terms in the review. 4 buttons 2 control levers Under the double layer of bubble wrap is a simple white cardboard box with a label.
More about the contents: We will talk about one of the smallest – a portable four-channel oscilloscope. I note right away that the monitored mixed signal oscilloscope is an amateur amateur and does not replace stationary. I confess that I have long dreamed of having such a useful measuring device.

Ham radio pocket assistant

Two logic probes No lanyard eyelet I will assume that this is the same thing 🙂 Connection to PC via MiniUSB
Complete set: Other oscilloscopes are of course available, but the weight and dimensions do not allow them to be carried anywhere – for example, the C1-99 weighs 17.5kg … The oscilloscope itself in a black metal case
Two x1/x10 divider probes with marking rings and protective caps

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