news LG 38UC99 Review – 38″ Curved IPS Monitor Review 21: 9

LG 38UC99 Review – 38″ Curved IPS Monitor Review 21: 9

LG 38UC99 Review – 38" Curved IPS Monitor Review 21: 9

Among large monitors, ultra-wide monitors with an aspect ratio of 21:9 are especially interesting, which are characterized by high resolution. The most common variant of 2560? 1080 or more impressive 34-inch displays with 3440 resolution? 1440 pixels. Today we take a look at the LG 38UC99 monitor.

LG 38UC99 review

LG 38UC99 Review

LG 38UC99 Large Curved Monitor Reviews

LG sets new standards with its 38-inch LG 38UC99 monitor, which boasts a resolution of 3840? 1600, 75Hz refresh rate and FreeSync support.

At the moment, it has no equal in size, in general, the competition is about 2 times cheaper Samsung S34E790C, Dell U3415W and LG 34UC98. Does this fancy screen justify the $1,500 price tag, or is it smarter to get a smaller, cheaper monitor instead?

LG 38UC99 Large Curved Monitor

LG 38UC99 Large Curved Monitor

LG 38UC99 design and connections

The style of LG products has long been known, 38UC99 also does not stand out. The white and steel colors in the design, as well as the sleek curved shape, are as elegant as the smaller monitors.

The stand allows you to adjust the height and tilt back and forth. The wide base means the monitor stands securely and won’t wobble. Due to the fact that it cannot be rotated, it is inconvenient to connect anything to the back of the panel. Supports the VESA standard, so you can replace the stand with a more adjustable one.

There are two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2 connectors on the back for video inputs, there is a USB Type-C connector and Bluetooth support, and Bluetooth audio allows you to use headphones and speakers.

LG 38UC99 design

Designed by LG 38UC99

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