ads WiFi gas leak sensor DIGOO DG-ZXGS21

WiFi gas leak sensor DIGOO DG-ZXGS21

An example installation diagram is behind the back
On the front side of the subject there is only a display and indicators
The interface is simple, but everything you need is in front of your eyes The only control element is the button on top
By the way, the time and date are configured in the same way after the button is pressed, but when the device is turned on Hello everyone! Explosions of domestic gas with the development of technology occur less frequently, but only in large cities there are several dozen of them a year, what can we say about small settlements in which the equipment is not properly maintained, so such sensors are still relevant.
Several connectors are visible under it, as I understand it, to control the shut-off valve

Includes a module , microUSB power cord, valve cord, waste paper and fasteners
At the back there is a perforation for a speaker and a removable swivel plate for fixing on the wall This module can monitor the gas concentration, temperature and warn of their increase visually, sound and send notifications to the application, you can also connect the main valve control controller (if any) to it to automatically shut off the supply.
When first turned on, the sensors warm up for three minutes Orange bang package Tuyalife support is declared, which means that the official application from BlitzWolf should also be picked up, at least everything from digoo always paired well with me I immediately connected the module to my home network. To do this, hold down the top button
There are several versions of the sensors
In standby mode, the “analogue” clock and digital clock with current values ​​are displayed alternately

WiFi gas leak sensor DIGOO DG-ZXGS21

Average consumption during warm-up and operation is about 150mA

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